Monkeyshines Brew Co Launches Cider Range

Geelong’s Idyll Wine Co has launched its first cider collection Australia wide. Monkeyshines Brew Co’s complete range of four products is now available at Liquorland, First Choice Liquor, and Vintage Cellars.

The idea for Monkeyshines Brew Co came from a desire for the winery to mix things up, and explore the world of craft cider.

Idyll Wine Co co-owner Andrew Byers says, “We have tried to reimagine cider from a winemaker’s point of view by retaining as much of the fruit character as possible, balance out the palate so it’s not too sharp, not too sweet, and to make something that we would drink and find eminently enjoyable. Our products are new, vibrant, fun and definitely don’t take things too seriously!

“Whilst the underlying message is fun and irreverence, we are incredibly proud of the ciders and fruit wines that we have developed. We have dug into all of our winemaking experience and come up with some unique flavours whilst working really hard to make sure you can truly taste the fruit.

“We were determined from the outset that we were going to produce products that had a provenance and truly reflected the fruit from which they were made- it’s a winemaker thing!!!

Monkeyshines Brew Co ciders and ginger beer are all made exclusively from Australian apple juice and predominantly sold in cans.

The MonkeyShines Range

The Fat Pixie Hard Apple Cider is crisp to taste and full of flavour.

The Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer is robust and comes with a kick – it’s brewed to 8% alcohol content.

The Monkey Shines Scrumpy recipe creates a cloudy cider, which is less sweet than most modern-day ciders.

Miss Seed Apple Cider is refreshing, and slightly on the dry side. It’s the only Monkeyshines Brew Co product served in a bottle, reflecting a more feminine side of the range.

Monkeyshines’ Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer, Apple Cider and Scrumpy Apple Cider have recently hit shelves, with Miss Seed Apple Cider to be released this week Australia wide.

The full range of Monkeyshines Brew Co craft ciders and ginger beer.

The full range of Monkeyshines Brew Co craft ciders and ginger beer.