Monkeyshines Brew Co Cider Taste Profile

Longing for a cider that’s not too sweet, not too bitter, and made from 100% Australian apple juice? Look no further than Monkeyshines Brew Co’s cider range! Crafted in the Moorabool Valley by the experienced winemakers at Idyll Wine Co, Monkeyshines is the newest Aussie cider to hit the market that is a truly enjoyable drop, with a strong kick to boot.

The Monkeyshines Brew Co family

The Monkeyshines Brew Co family

Unlike many other ciders available, the Monkeyshines range of Fat Pixie Hard Apple Cider, Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer, Monkeyshines Scrumpy Apple Cider, along with Miss Seed, are sure to tempt your taste buds on Friday night after a long working week... or on a lazy Sunday arvo in summer. See the cider taste profile below to help you find the Monkeyshines brew perfect for you!

Fat Pixie Hard Apple Cider

A cider that’s crisp to taste and a strong 8%. Highlights the Aussie apple flavour well and isn’t too sweet to taste. A great beer alternative.

Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer

A smooth yet dry ginger beer with a refreshing taste, described as a cross between ginger beer and cider. Also, a hard-hitting 8%.

Monkeyshines Scrumpy Apple Cider

Old style Scrumpy that’s fruity to taste and not very sweet with 6.5% alcohol. Slightly cloudy and retains more tannin than other ciders.

Miss Seed

Tastes of crisp apple juice that is slightly on the dryer side when compared to most other sweet apple ciders, and is 4.5% alcohol.

Monkeyshines Brew Co is here to make your hot Aussie summer super refreshing like no other cider has before. Monkeyshines, Fat Pixie and Miss Seed make the perfect summer drink combination for any occasion, whether it be Christmas, New Year’s, a BBQ in the backyard... or a birthday celebration that calls for a delicious drink.

Fat Pixie Ginger Beer has experienced great popularity since it was launched, with many customers particularly enjoying that it is harder than many other ciders. To enjoy Fat Pixie and the Monkeyshines Scrumpy Apple Cider at their very best, chill the cans or pour over ice (Hot tip: Cans cool quicker than glass!).

Pick up some Monkeyshines from Liquorland, Vintage Cellars or First Choice Liquor, and they’ll be cold and ready for a few sips in no time!

Fat Pixie Hard Apple Cider is great straight from the can, or poured over ice.

Fat Pixie Hard Apple Cider is great straight from the can, or poured over ice.

Jacqui Thebes