Monkeyshines Brew Co: Cider Then & Now

Is there anything better than cold, crisp cider on a warm Aussie day? Even though alcohol consumption in Australia has begun to steadily decline in recent years, Aussies are still loving their cider, even more so than before. But where did cider originate? Keep reading to find out.

How much do Aussies love cider?

Over the past five years, cider consumption in Australia has seen a steady rise. According to an article published by Smart Company in May 2016, the cider industry in Australia in the last decade has seen an 11.4% increase. Roy Morgan also reported in 2016 that cider is “Australia’s fastest growing alcoholic beverage.” Cider is on the rise while consumption of beer, wine, spirits, and pre-mixed drinks are declining.

Cider today

Australians are becoming warier of taste and quality, meaning smaller, independent breweries are having more of an impact in the Australian cider market. All Monkeyshines Brew Co products are vegan and gluten free, an additional bonus for Aussie cider drinkers. Australia is becoming more interested in how cider is made, and Monkeyshines Brew Co ciders are crafted to the highest quality using only Australian apples. Internationally, cider is also increasing in popularity.

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A brief history of cider 

According to Amy Stewart, author of The Drunken Botanist, cider production dates back to roughly 55 BC in England, which was later refined by the Greeks and Romans. The earliest cider recipes were crafted from fruit deemed “not sweet enough to eat”.

In apple-growing regions during this time period, people drank cider daily, as water could often not be trusted to drink because it carried diseases. Cider was hostile for bacteria, meaning that it was safe to drink, and it could be easily stored for short periods of time. This meant that everyone drank cider, even children, however, these traditional ciders did not contain the high alcoholic content many modern ciders have today.


 So... what’s the difference between cider and scrumpy cider? The term ‘scrumpy’ comes from West England, and it a term used to describe harsher ciders, traditionally made. Scrumpy cider is usually strong, dry and lacks the true apple flavour of other ciders.

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