Monkeyshines Brew Co Product Reviews: Craft Beer Down Under

Since the launch of Monkeyshines Brew Co in late 2018, Aussies who have tasted our cider and ginger beer have been keen to share their reviews online with us! Read the Instagram reviews below by Bob from

Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer:

“A new one for me and I loved it. I am a ginger beer fan, and this is a good one. A real ginger flavour and bite and at 8% APV had a kick too. If you like a ginger beer give Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer from Monkeyshines Brew Co a go, you won't be disappointed.” 

Miss Seed:

“I am usually not a great cider fan, but this is clean, crisp and easy drinking. Very enjoyable and the best thing, it's not sweet at all, beautiful balanced.”

Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer:

“Another one from the Fat Pixie Range from Monkeyshines Brew Co. Fat Pixie Hard Cider is full of flavour and packs a punch at 8%. It’s one of those drinks that you will love on a hot afternoon and will have you going back for more. These guys are doing a great job and are making great cider.”

Monkeyshines Scrumpy Apple Cider:

“My fourth and close to my favourite from Monkeyshines Brew Co. This is my fav of the 3 cheers, it's smooth, not to sweet, and very refreshing. Great work Monkeyshines Brew Co.”

“I have tried the whole range from Monkeyshines Brew Co and I have to say I am very impressed. For a dedicated beer drinker, I loved all of them. They are well crafted and great drinking. Do yourself a favour, look for them at the bottle shop and give them a try.”

A huge thank you to Bob for trying and reviewing our entire cider and ginger beer range.

If you’re interested in reviewing our product, let us know! Shoot us a message on Instagram or Facebook.

The Monkeyshines Brew Co range can be purchased at Liquorland, First Choice Liquor and Vintage Cellars.  

Photos by Bob

Photos by Bob