NEW Fat Pixie cider flavours hit Coles Group shelves!

Monkeyshines Brew Co is excited to announce that we’ve launched not one… but TWO brand NEW Fat Pixie ciders ready for sipping just before spring 2019!

Fat Pixie Hard Ciders Collection Monkeyshines Brew Co
Fat Pixie Ciders In Cooler Bag

Backed by popular demand, the brand-new Fat Pixie flavours are:




These new tasty ciders have the same apple base as the original Fat Pixie Hard Apple Cider, with an added zing of fruitiness. Still, at 8%, they pack the same punch as the original Fat Pixies… so beware and drink responsibly! 

As a bonus, the new Fat Pixie flavours have 50% less sugar than the Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer and Fat Pixie Hard Apple Cider (which is why you’ll spot our pixie wearing activewear on the new cans)!

The new Fat Pixie Strawberry & Lime Hard Cider and Fat Pixie Watermelon Hard Cider are also vegan and gluten-free just like the originals!

Fat Pixie Watermelon Cider In Glass

Monkeyshines Brew Co offers a range of ciders and ginger beer to suit an array of taste preferences. Not sure which will best suit you? Check out the info on our website about our Monkeyshines Scrumpy Apple Cider, Fat Pixie Hard Apple Cider, Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer, and our Miss Apple Cider. Flavour profiles and serving suggestions for our new Fat Pixie ciders are coming soon, so keep an eye on our website!

Fat Pixie Strawberry & Lime Cider Pour
Fat Pixie Ciders On Board

Fat Pixie is exclusively available at Liquorland, First Choice Liquor and Vintage Cellars. Try our new flavours today!

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