Monkeyshines Brew Co: Where It All Began

After an Australian cider made from 100% Australian apples that’s also vegan and gluten free? Look no further than the Monkeyshines Brew Co apple cider and ginger beer range!

Australians are loving the Monkeyshines range, which makes for the perfect after work drinks or a delicious drop on the weekend with a few friends.

The Monkeyshines Brew Co Fat Pixie Hard Apple Cider, Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer, Scrumpy Apple Cider, and Miss Seed Apple Cider are all made using Australian fruit and are crafted in Victoria’s own Moorabool Valley.

The beginning of Monkeyshines Brew Co

The idea for Monkeyshines Brew Co originated within owner Andrew Byers’ passion for winemaking. Andrew wanted to bring the concept of crafting high quality wine at Idyll Wine Co into the Australian cider market, and Monkeyshines Brew Co was born.

The wine makers at Idyll Wine Co have reimagined cider from a winemaker’s point of view by retaining as much of the fruit character as possible when crafting the cider. The result? A cider that’s not overly sweet, but balanced and enjoyable.

Why the Monkeyshines range is different

Unlike many other ciders available on the Australian market today, the Monkeyshines Brew Co range is made from Australian apples only, supporting Aussie farmers and local jobs.

All Monkeyshines Brew Co products are vegan and gluten free, meaning the ciders and ginger beer are not as harsh or heavy as many others currently available. Many Australians have vegan and/ or gluten free dietary requirements, and the Monkeyshines team wanted to ensure that the range would cater for this.

Monkeyshines Brew Co has been described as “bold” for releasing three apple ciders, however they are all very different, suited to different palates. Details about the taste of each cider and the Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer can be viewed in our past blog: Monkeyshines Brew Co Cider Taste Profile.

With the Easter long weekend just around the corner, celebrate with Monkeyshines Brew Co ciders and ginger beer! Available nationally at Liquorland, First Choice Liquor and Vintage Cellars.

Monkeyshines Brew Co Fat Pixie Ciders
Miss Seed Cider Monkeyshines Brew Co
Monkeyshines Scrumpy Cider Apple Cider